Trevor Kitching and ACS Supply Chain Consultancy has worked with clients from a range of different sectors. Click on a sector below to view a selection of these clients.

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Fashion & Retail

- Burton Group - Benchmarking exercise for goods not for resale.

- Early Learning Centre - Review of supply chain particularly focusing on impact of supply chain from China on Christmas peak demand.

- MFI - Support to team evaluating systems options.

- Next - Review of supply chain, particularly focusing on seasonal launches.

- Safeway - Supply chain review for magazines aimed at simplifying acceptance and returns procedures.

- Sainsbury - Work measurement exercise assessing impact of new till technology.

- Sears - Consolidation of purchasing manuals for various group companies.

- Texstyle World - Warehousing review.

- Toyota GB - Purchasing healthcheck covering wide range of goods and services needed to support vehicle dealerships. Major savings opportunity identified.