Trevor Kitching and ACS Supply Chain Consultancy has worked with clients from a range of different sectors. Click on a sector below to view a selection of these clients.

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Central Government

- MOD - Various training courses in UK and Germany.

- Environment Agency - Various projects including strategic procurement review, training needs analysis and assistance with staff selection.

- Department of Trade and Industry - Various projects including re-writing procurement manual and outsourcing supply of stationery, thus enabling the closure of stationery store.

- DETR - Three-year programme of work covering development of best practice guidelines and improvement programme plus training of hundreds of staff with part-time purchasing responsibilities. Also delivered training to various related agencies.

- CEC - Support to evaluation of major tenders.

- Central Statistical Office - Supply chain review analyzing flow of items through post room receipt and dispatch.

- Welsh Office - Strategic review of procurement and support to preparation of procedures manual.

- Crown Prosecution Service - Preparation of new procurement procedures manual.

- Scottish Office - Preparation of new procurement manual and quality system documentation.

- Companies House - Operational review plus training needs analysis.

- Home Office - Contract support to Immigration Service.

- MFO - Audit of procurement activities in Tel Aviv for this Rome-based peacekeeping force.

Fashion & Retail

- Sainsbury - Work measurement exercise assessing impact of new till technology.

- Texstyle World - Warehousing review.

- MFI - Support to team evaluating systems options.

- Safeway - Supply chain review for magazines aimed at simplifying acceptance and returns procedures.

- Next - Review of supply chain, particularly focusing on seasonal launches.

- Early Learning Centre - Review of supply chain particularly focusing on impact of supply chain from China on Christmas peak demand.

- Toyota GB - Purchasing healthcheck covering wide range of goods and services needed to support vehicle dealerships. Major savings opportunity identified.

- Sears - Consolidation of purchasing manuals for various group companies.

- Burton Group - Benchmarking exercise for goods not for resale.

Financial/Professional Services

- Roscoe DM - Various assignments to support cost reduction exercises in construction projects.

- Nomura - Tendering exercise for printing equipment.

- Trillium - Procurement healthcheck followed by staff training.

- American Express - Pan-european procurement review.

- McLaren Toplis - Advice on tender preparation.

- Capita - Advice on sales approach to adopt for a specific market sector.


- Walsall Hospital Trust - Theatre supply chain study

- WHCSA - Supply chain strategy for Wales

- Powys District HA - Stores rationalisation exercise

- South Glamorgan District HA - Review of utilisation of major capital equipment items

- Various Regional Health Authorities - Review of supply of pharmaceuticals to hospitals in England plus various projects for regions.

- Stobhill Hospital Trust - Review of supply chain for various commodities.

- North Staffordshire Hospital Trust - Review of supplies services, evaluation of alternative service providers, supply chain arrangements, ward/theatre stocks.

- NHS Logistics - Participated in national programme to promote best practice in pharmaceuticals supply chain sponsored by PASA and managed by NHSL.

- NHS PASA - Acted as project manager for e-commerce introduction project.

Local Government

- Wirral & North Wales PC - Various projects supporting collaborative procurement and distribution initiative.

- Lancashire County Council - Various projects including procurement strategy and appraisal of innovative outsourcing proposals.

- Highland Council - Supply chain review including identification of opportunities for site rationalisation and impact of introduction of e-procurement.

- Solihull MBC - Strategic review of procurement.

- Cheshire County Council - Stores review.

- Liverpool City Council - Stores and purchasing review.

- Manchester City Council - Stores and procurement review. Following establishment of new stores organisation as the result of a merger between various council departments, carried out a review of stores practices to establish opportunities for rationalisation and impact of the introduction of purchasing cards.

- Portsmouth City Council - Scrutiny of contract award procedures.

- London Borough of Enfield - Procurement and systems review.


- Coca Cola - Supply chain analysis project carried out to provide supporting information in response to legal action.

- DRG - Storage and layout projects.

- Causton Cartons - Storage and layout project.

- Robinsons of Chesterfield - Space, storage and inventory project.

- GlaxoSmithKline - Recent project to develop benchmarking tool for use in each of GSK’s markets in Europe. The tool allowed inter-market comparison of moves towards best practice in various areas of sales and supply chain activities. Previously involved in global supply chain review for Glaxo pharmaceuticals.

- Boots Contract Manufacturing - Procurement healthcheck.

- SCA Hygiene - Process review aimed at improving quality of customer service. Subsequently involved in re-letting distribution contract.

- Renfro - Negotiation of new contract for pan-european distribution.

- Manchem - Materials flow analysis and inventory review.

- PSM - Market research exercise to gain better understanding of customer needs and expectations and client’s perceived position in various international markets.

- Norton & Wright - Logical layout project.

- Polylina - Inventory, stores and purchasing review for MRO items.

- Gillette - Global pricing impact review.

- Parker Hannifin - Development and delivery of training courses for European group companies. Courses delivered in U.K., Germany and Sweden.

- Nestle Purina - Creation and delivery of a supply chain workshop to identify priority areas for improvement.

Other Public Services

- Law Society - Writing new procurement manual plus high level guidance documentation. Also involved in staff training and selection of new Head of Purchasing.

- Planning Inspectorate - Training in core skills in procurement.

- Scottish Prison Service - Strategic review of procurement.

- Nottingham Trent University - Review of purchasing function within the university covering policy, procedures and roles and responsibilities. Retained to help develop detailed job descriptions and systems developments.

- Post Office - Review of outsourcing options.

- Council for the Central Research Laboratories - Review of commercial function covering both procurement/stores and sales function. Included roles and responsibilities analysis for managing sales process to major national and European government funded bodies.

- BUPA - Recently worked with BUPA on a project to review the supply chain implications of introducing e-procurement.

- West Berkshire Housing Consortium - Purchasing healthcheck to identify opportunities for savings and improved control in purchasing activities. Retained to provide training in best practice.

- Nottinghamshire Constabulary - Procurement Healthcheck.

- Cambridgeshire Constabulary - Procurement Healthcheck.

- NFER - Procurement Healthcheck.

- Sussex Police - Preparation of new procurement procedures manual.

- FEFC - Preparation of guidance documents on Procurement.

- RNLI - Advice on purchasing and inventory control functionality of new computer system.

- NMEC - Advice on procedures.


- Bond Helicopters - Review of purchasing and stores operations to support repair and maintenance of helicopters.

- Aer Lingus - Purchasing healthcheck

- British Rail - Inventory review


- Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) - Transport needs review project.

- BT - Series of projects in various regions to improve materials management.

- British Energy - Review of stockholding strategy including introduction of concept of shared spares and development of new inventory management parameters.

- Inmarsat - Purchasing research project to identify purchasing methods used by Inmarsat’s major markets. Results presented to global conference in Marbella.

- BP Energy - Procurement healthcheck.

- National Grid - Preparation of a purchasing ‘Good Practice Guide’ for dispersed purchasing staff following re-organisation and scaling down of central procurement. Subsequently retained to prepare detailed quality assurance procedures. Also developed strategic spares store, consolidating stock previously held in a wide range of locations.

- East of Scotland Water - Development of a new central stores facility for all engineering items, tools and clothing, the implementation of a stock reduction programme and and assistance with the introduction of purchasing cards.

- Vodafone - Advice on procurement and inventory management.