ACS Supply Chain Services

Our range of services include:

Procurement strategy reviews - covering “who does what”, resourcing, roles and responsibilities and systems support. We often use our ”ACS Healthcheck” methodology as a starting point on these projects

Supply Chain operational reviews / Benchmarking - These are an extension of the strategic reviews but typically include more detailed analysis and may extend into the physical aspects of the supply chain including warehousing and distribution. We often use our “Purchasing and Supply Chain Megatrends” tool to compare the performance of the client with target levels of performance that we would expect from their industry

Invitation to Tender preparation and evaluation support - Arguably the greatest source of waste (and therefore opportunity) in the supply chain is incorrect specification of goods or services. We help you to prepare a robust specification of your needs and provide hands-on support to the tender process including definition of evaluation criteria and objective support during the selection process. We term the full range of tender support services as “ITT to go” but any individual element can be provided if required.

Tender response preparation support - If you are a supplier or contractor that is new to large formal tenders or if your recent “hit rate” is below acceptable levels you may benefit from our “Tender Loving Care” service which challenges the way you respond to an invitation to tender based on “getting inside the head” of the people that will be evaluating your bid

Training - We offer a carefully selected range of tailored in-house training. Courses include Core Skills in Procurement for staff new to procurement or occasional purchasers; Contract Management for staff responsible for management of major service contracts and Supply Chain Personality Awareness for all staff who require a better understanding of what makes colleagues, customers and suppliers “tick”.

Process documentation - we can write process manuals, quality manuals, guides, desk instructions etc.

Interim Management - We do not pretend to be an interim management specialist and do not maintain a vast database of interim managers.. We do however have a number of established contacts in the procurement and supply chain field and may well be able to source a professional ideally suited to your short term needs. It costs nothing to ask.

Purchasing / Market research - We can provide an independent and confidential service to investigate markets that you supply or source from

Staff selection support - We can help develop job descriptions, sift longlists of candidates and participate in shortlist interviews and final selection.

Inventory analysis - Using established tools such as Pareto analysis and logic diagrams, we can identify opportunities to reduce surplus stocks and decision criteria for future stock ranges and levels.

Action Plan Workshops - These “Turning Point” workshops are carefully tailored to each client and involve all the key players in the client’s supply chain. By the end of each one-day workshop, we expect the group to have developed many (sometimes hundreds) of ideas, all prioritised in terms of value and ease of implementation.